Trusted Expertise
With over 20+ years of experience, Dr. MHP Ayurveda, a reputed authority in Ayurveda, has developed these ancient formulations to bring best in traditional herbal medicine.
Focus on Individual Constitution (Dosha):
Dr. Madan Herbal Pharma recognizes that individuals have unique constitutions known as doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha). Dr. Madan Herbal Pharma offer products tailored to support specific doshas and provide personalized recommendations for customers.
Our Fresh Philosophy
We believe health is the most essential part of life! Blending raw herbs & potent active ingredients to create effective products is our thing.
Customer-Centric Approach
Dr. Madan Herbal Pharma provide personalized consultations, customer support, and educational resources to empower individuals to make informed choices for their health.
Authentic Ayurvedic Formulations:
Dr. Madan Herbal Pharma specializes in creating products based on authentic Ayurvedic formulations. These formulations are derived from ancient texts and traditional knowledge, ensuring that the remedies stay true to the principles and wisdom of Ayurveda.
Hand Picked and Fresh Herbs, Very Careful Sourcing
Dr. Madan Herbal Pharma carefully sources herbs and natural ingredients from reputable farmers and suppliers. They often emphasize sustainable and organic practices to maintain the purity and potency of the herbs used in their products. The processing methods are designed to retain the maximum benefits of the herbs.

Certified Proudcts

Top Rated Products

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High Chances of Natural Glow than your Normal Cosmetics Product

Get Perfect Natuaral Glow On Your Skin

Mhp face Ubtan is mixture of 18+ Natural ingredients,like  1.Chandan, Manjistha, Haldi, Mangalyak, Sariva, Rakta, Maltiphal, Velaj, Multani Mitti,try Now.

How Dr. Mhp Ayurveda Started?
The journey began in 2007 when Dr. Madan kesharwani (BAMS) faced a tough challenge to treat one of his patients who was suffering from severe complications of diabetes.

He lost one of his leg because of diabetes and was unable to walk and unfortunately the infection went to his other leg which was about to rot. Dr. Madan kesharwani was very sad when he went through this and finally decided to establish a extraordinary ayurvedic formula through ancient knowledge of his subjects in a small kitchen at their own small house to craft handmade products, using raw & fresh ingredients.

By consuming this wondrous formulation the patient started his recovery from his diabetes and thanked Dr. Madan for saving his leg from being removed . Then Dr. Madan decided to share this formulation with all the people so that everyone can use it and get benefits. After forming a company named Dr. Madan Herbal Pharma , it took about two years of research and hard work and the first product named Sugar Care Churn was registered in 2009.

His brand ideology is to have a healthy society.
Fecund and free in their creativity, the duo has now established a full-scale production facility, built on the Ayurvedic principles of keeping products raw & clean. Their ethics & efforts to bring about a revolution in the health industry have made products like Gas Care Churn, Kabj Care Churn, Mahashakti Churn, Piles Care Churn, Tandrusti Churn, Harto 21 Churn, Sona Henna Mehandi and Face Ubtan.

What is the best treatment for diabetes?

Diabetes is a health concern that needs special care beyond medicine. Your lifestyle choices, eating habits, and the amount of exercise you do each day determine how harmful diabetes can be for you. To keep yourself healthy, it’s advisable to maintain a healthy diet, exercise daily, practice specific yoga asanas for diabetes and use the prescribed herbs

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